Abattoir chooses Gorman-Rupp pumps for rugged reliability

Nine Gorman-Rupp pumps were recently
supplied to an Australian abattoir for use in wastewater pumping and pond water
transfer applications.

With all the applications
requiring self priming pumps, the abattoir chose the most rugged and reliable
brand in this segment on the market. Since the general transfer pumps needed to
handle a certain level of grit, these pumps were supplied with Gorman-Rupp ‘Hard
Iron’ internals to extend their service life. Gorman-Rupp ‘Super T Series’ sewage
pumps were supplied for the abattoir’s wastewater applications.

Gorman-Rupp’s Super
T and Ultra V Series self priming pumps are used extensively by water
authorities, councils and heavy industry for their ruggedness, reliability and
self priming capabilities. The self priming design allows these pumps to be
located above the water, simplifying service and maintenance.

Gorman-Rupp self
priming pumps are available in Australia from Hydro Innovations.

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