Tsurumi submersible pump delivers at challenging quarry sites

Submersible pumps such as the Tsurumi KTZ series offer a flexible
solution at quarry site dewatering applications where the ever-changing topography
can present unique challenges. Submersible pumps deliver a number of cost
saving advantages in terms of installation, maintenance and supervision.

Aussie Pumps’ Neil Bennett explains that moving water efficiently to
maintain production capacity, especially after a flood event, needs a robust
submersible that can handle abrasive water. He adds that Tsurumi’s KTZ
submersible pumps are specifically designed for such applications and make a
smart investment for quarry managers.

According to Bennett, submersibles can be stored for months when not
required, then set up quickly without the fuss of engine servicing and
refuelling. Additionally, there is no risk of swamping the pump if it’s located
in a flood prone area, and it can be set up to run automatically as required.

Tsurumi, the world’s largest manufacturer of submersibles, developed the
KTZ range of cast iron pumps to handle abrasive water. By substantially
reducing maintenance and installation costs, these pumps offer significant cost
savings in various applications.

Key features and benefits of Tsurumi KTZ submersible pumps include simple
installation allowing the unit to be moved around the site as required; and unique
internal features together with a cast iron construction enabling the user to
operate on an angle, thus eliminating the need for a pontoon or stabilising

Key features of Tsurumi KTZ411 include high capacity 4-inch 11kW pump delivering
in excess of 1000L of water at a head height of 35 metres; ability to withstand
abrasive conditions, offering a considerably longer service life; 3 phase heavy
duty 2 pole motor with thermal protection; heavy duty cast iron construction
with high chrome wear components; and anti-wicking cables and silicon carbide
seals maximising performance longevity in extremely challenging environments.

A free selection guide covering Tsurumi’s range of heavy duty
submersible pumps from dewatering pumps through to slurry pumps is available
from Australian Pump Industries and online at www.aussiepumps.com.au.

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