New Tsurumi quarry pumps last longer

Australian Pump Industries has introduced a new range of slurry pumps
from leading Japanese pump manufacturer, Tsurumi. Aussie Pumps distributes Tsurumi’s
pumps in Australia.

Tsurumi is a world-renowned submersible slurry pump manufacturer, offering
a broad range of pumps built to handle everything from sandy, salty water, to
heavy duty slurry found in the quarry, mining or concrete industries.

As the biggest manufacturer of electro submersible drainage pumps in the
world, Tsurumi developed dewatering pumps during the land reclamation program
of the 50s and 60s in Japan. Used by the piling and concrete industry, these
pumps were designed for aggressive and abrasive applications.

Today, Tsurumi is a highly specialised manufacturer of 2-pole to 6-pole slurry
pumps, which are capable of handling sandy liquids in quarries and concrete

Tsurumi’s GSZ Series

Tsurumi’s 4- and 6-pole pumps offer huge flows, and are capable of
pumping thick slurry. The 4-pole GSZ Series pump can handle flows of up to
18,000 LPM, and heads of up to 54m. Key features include high chrome cast iron
construction of the impeller, agitator and suction plate helping resist abrasion;
and simple replacement of plate even if the impeller and suction plate wear
down completely.

Tsurumi’s GSD Series

A new range of heavy duty, high powered agitator pumps, Tsurumi’s GSD Series
features horse power ratings of up to 75kW.

Key features include high chrome cast iron construction of the impeller,
agitator and mouth ring ensuring long service life; unique mechanism developed
to continuously adjust the clearance between the mouth ring and the impeller; and
pressure relief ports releasing pump pressure applied to the mechanical seals,
thereby enhancing reliability in extended use applications.

Tsurumi’s GSZ and the GSD Series

Common features in the GSZ and the GSD Series slurry pumps include Tsurumi’s
anti-wicking cable entry, preventing water incursion due to wicking should the
power cable be damaged or the end submerged; and two double silicon carbide
mechanical seals located in an oil chamber fitted with a unique oil lifter – guide
vanes on the oil lifter ensure the seals are continuously lubricated and cooled
during the operation of the pump. Both features help achieve significant
savings for operators thanks to protection from motor burnout in the two most
common areas of water entry to the motor.

Australian Pump’s Tsurumi division has achieved notable success in the
mining and construction markets. 

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