Darwin wastewater treatment plant upgraded with DAF pump

A wastewater treatment plant in Darwin was fitted with an EDUR DAF pump
unit during a recent upgrade to reduce maintenance and provide for a simpler
solution. The EDUR pump replaced the conventional system at the plant.

Conventional systems require compressors, complicated controls and an
air saturation pressure vessel. The compressor at the Darwin plant demanded
ongoing maintenance while the pressure vessel needed yearly certification and a
level of maintenance.

The EDUR pump system has no compressor, thereby reducing energy
consumption. The compact form was an added advantage while the less complicated
design simplified operation.

EDUR pumps can be used to treat DAF inflows as low as 2L/s, and up to
140L/s with a single unit. Multiple EDUR pumps can be used in parallel – some US-based
treatment plants have used up to 12 units.

EDUR DAF pumps are available in a wide range of materials of
construction to suit pH variances.

For more information, please contact Hydro Innovations on 02 9898 1800
or email at sales@hydroinnovations.com.au.

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