Portable fire pumps with the German edge

Australian Pump Industries announces a new range of their proven Fire
Chief high pressure portable firefighting pumps powered by a German diesel
engine. Manufactured by Hatz, the new engine is part of the same family of
diesel drives featured on professional firefighting equipment used by
Australia’s leading firefighting authorities. A manufacturer of diesel engines
since 1904, and one of the first to introduce the air cooled concept, Hatz is famous
for their low fuel consumption and long engine life.

Designed to provide an unmatchable combination of performance and
features, the Aussie Fire Chief comes with a super heavy duty impeller and ‘big
belly body’ allowing big water passages and delivering more water through the
pump at pressure.

Aussie Pump’s Chief Engineer, John Hales said they were impressed with the
pump’s performance when powered by the Hatz air cooled diesel engine. He added that
the pump didn’t lose RPM under full load.

Aussie first put a 1B20 engine recoil start on the Fire Chief, which
made the small lightweight engine run cooler and quieter, and provide zero RPM drop under a wide range of operating conditions.

The latest version of the Fire Chief with electric start features the
Hatz 1B30 6HP engine to provide 40% reserve horsepower, a big advantage in
particularly high ambience or continuous service applications.

According to Hales, the 1B30 was selected for the electric start version to
give it that little bit of extra grunt as well as convenience. The electric
start version of the Fire Chief also has recoil start back-up.

Key features of Aussie’s Fire Chief diesel firefighting pumps (Hatz
version) include a full hot dipped galvanised roll frame designed for heavy
duty performance in homes, construction sites or farms; galvanised base plate
supporting the pump; four heavy duty engine mounts extending life by reducing
vibration; and a unique 5-year guarantee on the wet end.

Hales adds that the new Fire Chief not only exceeds the expectations of
users but also comes at a competitive price, with the buyer saving hundreds of
dollars on the Aussie over lower spec but more expensive machines.

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