New hydraulic drive pump to handle dirty water

Australian Pump Industries introduces a new high head cast iron semi
trash hydraulic drive pump. The Aussie G3TMK-A/ST HYD is a 3-inch self-priming
pump close coupled to a powerful Casappa hydraulic motor, and delivering a
maximum flow of 1100 litres per minute and a maximum head to 55 metres.

The new hydraulic drive pump is capable of handling a wide range of
applications including dust suppression, drill rigs, tankers, mine dewatering
and moving contaminated water.

Hydraulic drive pumps derive their power from the main engine of the
vehicle or equipment on which they are mounted, allowing operators to benefit
from virtually unlimited power, delivered through a flexible drive system that
doesn’t depend on shaft or separate engines. The flexible combination of a drive
system and compact design means that the pump can be placed in the most
appropriate location, with huge operational and maintenance cost reductions.
The maintenance cost is reduced by the elimination of a separate petrol or
diesel engine to drive the pump.

Observing that the new Aussie G3TMK-A/ST HYD bridges a gap in the market
in terms of a high head hydraulic drive pump that will handle dirty water, Aussie
Pumps product manager Neil Bennett notes that the pump, at a maximum head of
47m delivers 500 lpm flow, which is impressive for a 3-inch self-priming semi
trash pump.

Key features of the new Aussie G3TMK-A/ST HYD hydraulic drive pumps
include excellent self-priming characteristics with the ability to draw water
from 6-metre deep pits; ability to pass solids up to 16mm making it suitable
for handling drilling fluid; hard wearing silicon carbide mechanical seals with
an alumina counterface with nitrile rubber elastomers; stainless steel wear
plate and stainless steel motor shaft; and front opening clean-out port simplifying
access to the pump’s internals.

The Casappa PLM series motor requires 35cm³ per rev at 100 bar pressure,
equivalent to 12.5kW. The Casappa motor was selected for their proven quality and
commitment to aftermarket support.

The big pump will soon be available in cast 316 grade stainless steel
configuration making it suitable for environments where liquids are
particularly corrosive such as tailing dam pump-outs or even chemical transfers.
Viton seals are available as an option.

Like all Aussie Pumps products, the new hydraulic drive pump is also designed
and built to ISO 9001 quality standards. 

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