Aussie launches Long Ranger version of Mr T fire pumps

Australian Pump Industries introduces a new ‘Long Ranger’ version of their popular Mr T twin
impeller fire pumps. Designed to run for extended periods, the Aussie Long
Ranger is the ideal equipment for a bushfire emergency.

The high performance
fire pump features a 16-litre long range fuel tank that neatly fits within a galvanised
steel roll frame. This extra fuel capacity enables the pump to run continuously
for up to 5 hours without the need to refuel.

“Refuelling a pump
in an emergency must be done extremely carefully. The larger fuel tank means
this pump runs for longer between refills and is therefore a safer option,”
said Aussie’s product manager Brad Farrugia.

Key features of the
new Aussie Long Range fire pumps include Honda GX390 13HP electric start engine;
single piece impellers delivering flows up to 500lpm with a maximum head of 95m
(135 psi); three-way outlet as standard to allow dual hoses to be connected; large
2″ suction port to feed water into pump; and unique 5-year warranty on the pump
end and 3 years on the Honda engine.

“Our Mr T twin
impeller pump is regarded as the leader in its class. Its ability to feed dual
hoses makes it ideal for use in defending a home in a bushfire emergency,” said

“The pump can be set
up to feed a sprinkler system, say on the roof, and supply an emergency fire
hose for use in putting out spot fires before they take hold,” he said.

The extra pressure
produced by the twin impellers means the pump is ideal for pushing water up a
hill to a supply tank or for drafting water from a creek or dam.

The perfectly
balanced impellers are superbly matched to the 13HP Honda engine. The units are
fully tested and approved by Honda to ensure performance is maintained and that
the engine is not overloaded.

Further information
on the new twin impeller fire pumps is available from Australian Pump
Industries or Aussie Pump Distributors throughout Australia.

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