Powerful Eradicator system for solids laden liquids released

Hydro Innovations announces the release of one of the most advanced
pumps from Gorman-Rupp for handling solids laden liquids. Gorman-Rupp is the
world leader in solids handling self priming centrifugal pumps and is
distributed in Australia by Hydro Innovations.

The new Eradicator solids management system features technology that
addresses the challenges for solids handling pumps, including handling stringy
solids such as wet wipes and rags commonly found in sewage systems today.

Developed as an option for Gorman-Rupp’s range of Super T series pumps, the
Eradicator is also available as a retrofit kit on existing Super T Series pumps
already in the field.

Key features of the Eradicator solids management system include an
aggressive self-cleaning wear plate incorporating a number of notches and
grooves; a patent pending lacerating tooth helping to break up stringy
materials, scrape them off the impeller vanes and pass them through the pump
without impacting performance or interrupting service; and a special cover
plate consisting of a patented easily removable lightweight inspection cover to
inspect pump internals.

The Eradicator delivers multiple benefits to any sewage system operation
including improved efficiency, increased uptime, reduced maintenance costs,
lower lifecycle costs and easier access to the impeller. Operators will also
find that the lighter cover plate is easier and safer to work with when undertaking

Additionally, Eradicator-equipped pumps do not require expensive chopper
blades that need periodic replacement, instead relying on passing large solids
and stringy materials straight through the pump.

The Eradicator solids management system is available with carbon steel
or hardened alloy steel wear plates. Pumps can handle flows from 5 litres per
second through to 200 litres per second and heads to 45m.

Similar to all Gorman-Rupp Super T Series pumps, the Eradicator can also
be mounted high and dry above the wastewater (up to 7.6 metres), enabling easy
access to operators without the need for cranes or other lifting devices.

For more information, please visit the Hydro Innovations website
or call 02 9898 1800.

Watch Tim Webster
speak about the new solids handling wastewater pumps from Gorman-Rupp.

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