Packaged pump stations for industrial and municipal wastewater

Packaged pump stations from Gorman-Rupp address the requirements of
industrial and municipal wastewater pumping applications in several countries
across the world. As the world’s leading manufacturer of self priming
centrifugal pumps and the main producer of packaged above-ground pumping
stations, Gorman-Rupp delivers several advantages including quick and easy
installation, minimal environmental impact and simple maintenance.

Gorman-Rupp’s packaged pump stations have seen thousands of
installations over the past 40 years across the USA and Europe, delivering a
key solution for industrial and municipal wastewater pumping applications.

Gorman-Rupp self-priming centrifugal sewage pumps are located at ground
level to allow operators easy and safe access for service and maintenance. They
can operate on suction lifts to 7.6 metres, offer flows to 200 litres per
second with a single pump, and deliver heads to 95 metres.

Advantages of above-ground
pumping stations

Ready to install

Gorman-Rupp packaged pump stations are supplied complete with pumps,
motors, drive systems, valves, interconnecting piping, level controls and motor
control centre. All equipment can be installed into existing buildings or
supplied in a special enclosure with options including a standard 200 x 200
fibreglass enclosure with several exterior appearance options, a standard 210 x
300 fibreglass enclosure with ‘roll top’, concrete enclosures built to size,
and acoustic steel enclosures built to size.

Save on civil engineering

Gorman-Rupp pumps are installed at ground level. The sump can be
significantly smaller, compared to the requirement for a submersible pump,
while still providing the required flow volume. Additionally, there’s no need
for a separate valve chamber.

Save on operating costs

Quick, easy and safe maintenance is enabled thanks to the easily
accessible equipment. The wet well is automatically and continuously cleaned since
the Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps can pump down to very low levels, removing
all of the contents including sediment, rags, wipes and fat with every pump
cycle. The high efficiency motors ensure excellent energy efficiency while
keeping the pumps at peak operating efficiency. Gorman-Rupp pumps provide the
assurance of a very long service life compared to submersible pumps. The servicing
can be done safely by a single operator.

Save on installation costs

Since the packaged pump station is supplied ready to install, it is pre-tested
at the factory under site conditions; only piping and power connections need to
be made. The pump stations are also designed for simple upgrades with the wet
well size not required to be upgraded – only the suction lines need to fit into
the wet well.

When upgrading old dry well installations, most of the infrastructure
can be re-used if self priming pumps are utilised, as the pumps can be located
at the motor gallery level or at ground level. Adding storage capacity by
converting the dry well to a wet well is also possible.

Improved safety

Submersible pumps may require operators to open wet well hatches to
access pumps, guide rails and discharge bends at the time of repair and replacement.
However, with Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps, operators do not have to open wet
well hatches, work in unsafe confined spaces, or work with cranes or heavy
swinging weights, with only one operator required to perform most of the
maintenance work.


Gorman-Rupp packaged pump stations supplied by Hydro Innovations (with or without enclosure or controls) are warranted for 5 years
by the manufacturer.

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