Aussie’s special drought relief package for farmers

Leading pump manufacturer and distributor, Australian Pump Industries is
offering a special package to help struggling farmers get through the worst
drought in a hundred years. Aussie Pumps has a special offer on diesel pumps so
that affected farmers can move water to keep their stock alive.

“We put together this package of diesel pumps, designed to help move
water either into tankers or stock water tanks quickly and efficiently,” said Aussie
Pumps product manager Brad Farrugia. “We’ve heard so many horror stories about
cattle dropping dead in the sale yards, or sheep being shorn only to be shot
straight afterwards.”

Aussie Pumps’ pump and diesel engine combination package is heavily
supported by Kubota with extended terms offered on engine acquisitions. This
allows Aussie Pumps to put together a diesel pump build program that gets
product on the market at the lowest cost. Dealers are offered an interest free
extended term payment program, the benefits of which can be passed on to
farmers at their discretion.

Under Aussie Pumps’ ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ plan, customers have been able
to buy goods from the 1st of October with a special 90-day term payment; for
instance, goods bought on 1st October 2018 need not be paid until the end of
January 2019.

“We’re not a bank and we’re not in the business of lending money, but
when you see what the farming community has done to make us the leading pump
supplier in Australia, we thought we had to give something back,” said

Pumps are being offered to farmers at attractive prices through the
dealers with free five-year extended warranties.

Aussie Pumps offers a wide range of self-priming centrifugal pumps that are
superior to others in performance and features. The Fire Chief is a
world-leading lightweight portable fire pump because of its performance and the
extra value built into it.

“We supply hot dipped galvanised steel roll frames with all Kubota
models at no extra charge,” said Farrugia.

The drought relief package is part of ‘the ‘Drought Proof Australia’
campaign started by Aussie Pumps a few years ago. Passionate about water
security, the company promotes the building of dams to provide the agricultural
market the ability to grow.

more information on
Aussie Pumps’ Drought Relief Program, please contact the Marketing Department
and learn how farmers can get through the drought with the best gear, the best
price, and the best terms of payment they’re ever likely to see on water transfer pumps.

Free catalogues on Aussie Pumps products are also readily available from

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