Wireless Talkback Devices from ProDesign Lighting

Wireless Talkback Devices for use in commercial wireless communication

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ProDesign Lighting supply a range of Wireless Talkback Devices for for use in commercial wireless communication. These Talkback devices allow users to easily maintain secure communications.

Applications of Wireless Talkback Devices
The Wireless Talkback Device range from ProDesign Lighting is suitable for a range of applications including:

  • Professional sporting events
  • Schools
  • Military operations
  • Performing Arts
  • Industrial facilities
  • Churches

Features and Benefits of Wireless Talkback Devices
Wireless Talkback Devices from ProDesign Lighting provide a secure line of communication between users and:

  • Crystal-clear audio ensuring communications are audible and can be understood by both parties
  • Interference free communications further enhancing audio quality and ensuring that communications remain between selected parties
  • High performance
  • Digital encryption and frequency hopping technologies to ensure line security and audio integrity
  • Diversity antennas and dual-slot diversity maximize reception of the strongest signal possible
  • Fully rechargeable providing long lasting, cost effective wireless communication

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