Winter forages from Pacific Seeds

High performance Winter Forage for exceptional dry matter production and feed quantities during the cooler season.

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Intelligent Winter Forages for optimal growth in cooler soil conditions, Pacific Seed science offers varieties and grazing management strategies to support your planting. Versatile Drover for winter and spring feed
High feed production capacity with exceptional dry matter for a quality investment Competent lead rust resilience for infection protection High performance regrowth ability for hay or silage production Continues to vegetate into late spring and suitable for all classes of livestock for easeEarly season germination and rapid growth with Taipan
Quality leaf rust resilience with appropriate management and grazing Able to establish in warmer soils for early season planting Fruits with large amounts of feed for autumn and early winterStrategic management of persistent Rust damage
Remove out of season oat varieties or plant full lead rust resistant seeds for control Push back sowing til latter half of March to allow crops adequate growth before winter Diligent monitoring of rust and immediate grazing or cutting once developedEfficient Grazing Management of infectious Oat Leaf Diseases
Leaf or Crown Rust: Grazing at first development to reduce infectious spores from leaves Stem Rust: While no varieties are completely rust resilient, graze at first sign of rust to prevent spore re-infecting crops Red Tipping: Likely indication of nutritional deficiency of nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium or zincReliable growth and results, Pacific Seeds also offers Dawson oats for early season feeding with quick early development and warm soil emergence.

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