Wet Scrubbers by Polex

Polex Wet Scrubbers are available in a variety of finishes, can be used across most industries and are put in and specially made by Polex.


Polex Wet Scrubbers
Polex is a designer and manufacturer of many types of Wet Scrubbers. Polex offers Wet Scrubbers to suit the requirements of many industries. Both particulate and fume scrubbers are available.  

Wet Scrubbers Finishes
Polex Wet Scrubbers can be supplied in mild steel or stainless steel.
Finishes include:

  • Powdercoated
  • Galvanised
  • or Painted  

Wet Scrubber Turn-key Systems
Turn-key Wet Scrubber systems complete with fans and ducting are designed by Polex for many different industries.  

Polex provides full installation and commissioning.

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