Water Efficient Industrial Scrubbers from Tennant

Tennant’s industrial scrubbers are quiet and efficient cleaners. The range of design options ensure excellent results every time.


Tennant floor scrubbers provide the cleanest, safest floors by limiting the use of water.This makes floors ready to use immediately after scrubbing.

With low noise levels, Tennant industrial scrubbers offer the flexibility to quietly and efficiently clean public areas at any time, ensuring optimum cleanliness and safety of high traffic public areas.

Durable construction allows Tennant Scrubbers to withstand the most severe cleaning challenges

  • Superior performance from aggressive scrubbing systems
  • Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) of U.S.A to increase floor traction by up to 21% and reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents 
  • Carries the ‘Smart Approved Watermark’ for using up to 70% less water 
  • Improve operator productivity with easy to use one-step controls and excellent cleaning coverage 
  • Operator productivity is also maximised with smart ergonomic features like a height adjustable console 

Many options available to enhance the performance of your Tennant Scrubbers

  • Option of disc scrub head on many of Tennant walk behind and ride on scrubbers 
  • Option of Cylindrical scrub head on many of Tennant walk behind and ride on scrubbers 
  • Adjustable down pressure and brush speed for a superior cleaning performance in one pass 
  • Maximise operator productivity with smart ergonomic controls 
  • Increase safety with Tennant’s parabolic rear squeegee, which delivers exceptional water pick up, even on 180 degree turns 

Innovative features that make Tennant Scrubbers so efficient

FaST® and ec-H2O™ enable cleaning up to three times longer, saving time and money on labour.

The ec-H2O electrically converts plain tap water to perform like a powerful detergent, without any added chemicals, using up to 70% less water.
FaST delivers unprecedented increases in productivity, decreased cleaning costs and ease of use in an automatic, on board system.

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