Warehousing and Distribution Mobile Computer Technology from Gamma Solutions

Complete Warehousing and Distribution control, Mobile Computer technology manages inventory, equipment and assets effectively.


Efficient warehouse and distribution team is vital for customer satisfaction; customers need to know that they are going to be receiving the right products at the right location at the right time. If companies fail on their delivery promise customers may go elsewhere for their needs.

Mobile computer technology can help companies improve their efficiency by instructing staff of the exact location where stock is located, which order the stock is fulfilling, and where the order is to be shipped.

Effective Warehousing and Distribution management with accurate stock numbers and locations in real time

  • Reliable from point of receipt, mobile computers instruct staff of correct put-away locations, providing companies with accurate stock levels and locations and real-time availability
  • Removing costly interruptions, mobile computers, alert employees of the appropriate department of any issue and immediately continues with the task at hand
  • Accurate stock levels save valuable dollars and also enables streamlining of the ordering processes, ensuring purchasing can confidently order to specific requirements

Optimising maintenance and serving of Warehouse and Distribution equipment

  • Easily attached to equipment such as forklifts or trucks, the technology can be used to maintain service and maintenance records for the individual vehicle
  • Ability to change a vehicle mounted computer from one vehicle to another in a matter of seconds (using only one hand) productivity will no longer suffer during vehicle maintenance

Products from Gamma Solutions can be used for the following applications:

  • Asset tracking and utilisation
  • Labelling
  • Inventory control
  • Receiving and putting away stock
  • Picking, packing and shipping of stock
  • Real time tracking
  • Labour productivity
  • Employee training

Companies can optimise the use of their assets by having all the information required available to them in real time. Managers can also see which mobile computers are in use, which are available and where they are located.

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