Wanted: Dead Or Alive!


How much is my trade-in worth?
If you return your old instrument (functioning or not, TSI or non-TSI) to us, you will receive the following credit on a new TSI instrument:

Air Velocity Meters:
• 9535 VelociCalc – $150
• 9545 VelociCalc – $150
• 9555 VelociCalc – $300

IAQ Meters:
• 7535 IAQ-Calc – $175
• 7525 IAQ-Calc – $300
• 7545 IAQ-Calc – $300
• 7565 Q-Trak – $500

• 5825 DP-Calc – $100

Rotating Vane Anemometer:
• 5725 IAQ-Calc IAQ Meter – $100

How do I order a new instrument while receiving my trade-in-discount?

Send your purchase order to Kenelec via fax or email for a brand new, best-in-class TSI product. When we receive your old instrument, the appropriate credit will be applied to your new order.

When sending your old unit to Kenelec clearly mark on the instrument your
purchase order number and the promotion code DAVQ07. Ship to Kenelec Scientific.

Don wait! TSI trade-in promotion goes into effect immediately and ends on September 30, 2007! This is a great opportunity for customers to upgrade to the latest technology. For further information please contact Kenelec Scientific at the office number below.

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