Voice Picking Systems By Gamma Solutions

TopVOX’s Voice Picking Systems are productive and innovative voice system for picking and packing, enhancing warehouse management.


TopVOX manufacture and supply world class speech systems that easily integrate into current warehouse management system solutions.

Gamma Solutions’ partnership with TopVOX falls in line with Gamma Solutions’ push to always offer their customers the latest technology and the best solutions.

Increasingly organisations are reviewing voice systems when they consider WMS applications

  • Voice based systems are hands free which suits many picking applications
  • A monitored site showed a 10% increase in productivity by eliminating the need to read screens and scan plus incorporate the ability to walk and talk
  • In high volume food and beverage organisations the error rates have been reduced by 50%
  • One benefit is that these voice picking systems can be installed to run on existing networks as they operate on 802.11b compliant networks
  • With a voice system the user wears a radio unit on their belt and has headphones and a microphone
  • The wearer trains the voice communications system to recognise their voice by saying a series of specific words
  • Each time the user signs on, the hands free voice communication system automatically recognises the user and adapts to any accent or unique voice aspects

In Europe certain Coca Cola sites have converted to using TopVOX Voice Picking Systems.

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