Visiflex Strip Doors

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DMF manufactures and supplies the PVC strip doors known as Visiflex Strip Doors. These are ideal for control of temperature, dust, vermin, or noise, and the design is suitable for pedestrian or forklift traffic. The PVC curtain is made from clear flexible PVC, and the strips come in a range of widths, thicknesses and overlaps to suit the applications, such as warehouses and docks, coolrooms, freezers, hospitals, food processing areas, printing rooms, kitchens etc.

These doors compliment our other products, such as Rapid Auto Roll doors, Swingflex doors and the new Auto BiFlex door.

Differentiating Features
Some of the major features of the DMF Visiflex PVC strip doors are:
• Anodised aluminium head bracket with unique T slot for fixings and adjustment.
• Individual PVC strips can be replaced.
• PVC is clear and flexible, with options of safety colours.
• Modular strip doors available off the shelf to suit standard doorway openings.
• Custom made to suit any opening size.
• Bulk flexible PVC available in stock.
• Manufactured, by a fully owned and operated Australian company.

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