Versatile Distance Sensors for Rapid and Accurate Detection

High accuracy with rapid detection Distance Sensors optimise machine productivity and efficiency.

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A comprehensive range of SICK intelligent Distance Sensors suits a variety of automated applications, continuously delivering rapid measurements as well as precision detection.

High precision Short Range Distance Sensors (Displacement) for up to 1,000mm

  • Extremely suitable for sorting and inspection applications for quality control
  • Non-contact design ensures quality measurement from safer distances
  • Rapid response and processing with complete inspection rate for the faster, higher quality results
  • Simple integration and operation even with retrofitting

Reliable detection on versatile colours and textures with 80 to 50,000mm Mid-Range Distance Sensors

  • Intelligent design for diverse applications with fast and easy set-up
  • Increase ambient light safety for reduced downtime
  • Available with a broad range of accessories to be enhanced to suit your requirements
  • Durable mechanical sensor with analog output to resolve multiple applications

Long Distance Sensors integrated with time-of-flight intelligence for accurate and wide measurements

  • Leading technology ensures exact measurements even in changing target and conditions
  • High speed processing for improved efficiency and machine productivity
  • Highly flexible analog and digital outputs with easy to use operator menus
  • Designed hard wearing for demanding, industrial ambient environments

Accurate Linear Measurement Sensors with barcode tape technology

  • Barcode tape is mountable up to 10km with precision repeatability of up to 0.15mm
  • Flexible tape can be placed in straight, curved or inclined configurations
  • Exceptional resilience to shock and vibration with no contact for improved efficiency and availability

Superior background suppression with Ultrasonic Sensors

  • Consistently detects object with premium measurement filters that also offer high processing stability
  • Compatible with up to 10 sensors simultaneously
  • Long lasting and rugged sensor and housing for optically challenging systems

Ultrasonic detections of sheets in printing with Double Sheet Detectors

  • Flexible design offers independent colour detections as well as transparent foils, thin metal sheets and paper types
  • Quick installation with plug and play operation

Wireless non- contact Optical Data Transmission for bi-directional long distance communication

  • Cable free for reduced equipment and maintenance costs, lower downtime and eliminates wear and tear
  • Outstanding ambient light safety and EMC for rapid, accurate and reliable data transmission

Achieve amplified productivity with automated storage and retrieval Position Finders

  • Depending on sensor type, available with ranges from 200mm up to 2,000mm
  • High positioning accuracy removes temperature and load relevant errors and improves process quality
  • Heating models can be used in conditions up to -40 C

An extensive range of accessories are also available with all Distance Sensors to ensure your system is developed to your specifications to achieve the best working capability.

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