Ventilation Test Instruments for Air Monitoring from Kenelec Scientific

Kenelec Scientific supply multifunctional ventilation test instruments that are easy to set up and operate.


Kenelec Scientific supply the VELOCICALC® 9555 series multi function ventilation test instruments which are designed to measure air velocity, temperature, humidity, CO and CO2.

VELOCICALC® probes are designed to match varied applications

  • Achieve precise varied measurements by simply plugging in a corresponding probe which features the appropriate functions for your application to provide job specific precise measurements
  • Calculations include air flow, heat flow, turbulence, wet bulb and dew point temperature
  • Additional “smart” plug in probes, including CO2 and rotating vane probes
  • Includes TRAKPROTM downloading software

Display up to five measurements simultaneously

  • Large graphic display provides easy viewing of readings
  • Manual or continuous data logging options
  • Probe include a data sheet with certificate of traceability 
  • The probe is the only part of the instrument that will require servicing to ensure optimal performance

VELOCICALC® 9555 Series Ventilation test instruments from Kenelec Scientific provide precise air monitoring for a variety of applications including process air flow testing, HVAC commissioning and troubleshooting, thermal comfort studies and IAQ investigations.

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