Differentiating Features
The VBOX IISX model comes as a complete kit with all the accessories necessary to begin testing immediately. This includes, VBOX IISX DGPS logging unit, antenna, battery pack (6 hour) with built in 12V charger, USB cable, SD card (64mbyte), VBOXTools Windows analysis package, manual and padded carrying case.

The VBOX IISX uses GPS to allow you to perform detailed analysis of Braking, Acceleration, Handling and Circuit testing. The VBOX will fit to a car in around 30s, and requires no setting up or calibration. The system uses a survey grade 10Hz or 20Hz GPS engine, and utilises removable SD cards for storage.

The VBOX IISX is also available with the same twin antenna GPS engine as used in the VBOX Slip Angle Sensor, making for a very powerful and versatile data logger.
Available with a 20Hz or 10Hz update rate, the VBOX II SX features a high contrast screen display, SD card logging, and USB interface. When used in conjunction with a DGPS Base Station the VBOX II SX can achieve positional accuracy of 40cm; an upgrade can see this improved to 20cm.

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