VBox from Applied Measurement Australia

VBox includes displays, data loggers, input modules and speed sensors which are excellent in measuring performance, speed and brake testing.


Data Loggers, Speed Sensors, Displays and Input Modules
VBOX data loggers, speed sensors, displays and input modules by Racelogic are internationally recognised as a quality standard in the measurement of speed and and position for performance and brake testing. Almost every vehicle and tyre manufacturer in the world now has a VBOX in their test department.

VBOX is based on a new generation of high performance satellite receivers, and will measure,

  • Acceleration figures
  • Braking distances
  • Lap times
  • Cornering forces
  • And much more!

Due to the small size and simple installation procedure, the VBOX range is ideally suited for use in cars, bikes, off-road vehicles and boats.

VBOX Data Logger, Speed Sensor, Display and Input Module Range
Current available models include:

  • VBOX III Speed Sensor
  • VBOX II SX Slip Angle Sensor
  • VBOX Mini.

VBOX Mini GPS Speed Measurement Device / Data Logger / LCD Display
The VBOX product line includes the VBOX Mini, a compact, yet powerful GPS based speed measurement device, incorporating data logging and an LCD display.

Operators can measure all aspects of vehicle performance, and review the results instantly on the built-in LCD display. It is ideal for lap timing, giving the driver instant feedback on lap-times, split-times, and corner speeds.

The built in SD card interface with USB gives full data logging capabilities, and comes with the powerful VBOX Tools software analysis package as supplied with the VBOX II / III range.

The software with its graph screen, circuit map, data grid and report generator function is used the world over for data analysis by the majority of motor manufacturers, tyre companies, and magazines.

There is an analogue output option and a dedicated input module, with a mixture of analogue, thermocouple and digital inputs (including rpm). The VBOX Mini is exceptional value for money, enjoyable to use, and has a dazzling array of features.

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