Varnish Mitigation Units from Hydac

Extends the service life of the oil as well as the components

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The problem of Varnish in the Turbine oil

The appearance of varnish in turbine oil can lead to hydraulic malfunctions and to increased bearing temperatures. The consequences are unplanned downtimes and high costs. Varnish are oil aging products that form gel-, resin-like or solid varnish-like deposits in the fluid system.
Among other things the reason for theses deposits is the limited dissolution capacity of varnish in modern turbine oils. Furthermore, these oils also have low electrical conductivity, which causes electrostatic discharges in the system. This results in accelerated oil aging, and damage to sensors and filter elements.

The Solution

The service-friendly VarnishMitigation Units VMU are used to condition mineral oils. They are particularly effective at removing oil ageing products (varnish) from mineral oils. Varnish takes the form of insoluble oil ageing products which settle in the tank, in valves or in bearings. These can be filterable gels or solid paint-type deposits.

The VMU series of units are used offline. The removal of varnish is based on adsorption on an active surface.

Your Advantages:

  • Removal of solid or gel-like oil ageing products
  • Increased operating reliability of the system as a result of fewer deposits in hydraulic valves
  • Increase in the oil service life available as a complete unit for retrofitting to existing systems, as well as a modular system for new systems
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