Universal EXP Punch Press Tool

Universal punch press tooling designed to increase productivity, reduce manufacturing waste and save storage space


Wilson Tool EXP Punch technology is now available from Sheetmetal Tooling Tech. It is the first punch press tool in the industry to offer a standard holder with universal punches to increase productivity, reduce manufacturing waste, save storage space whilst still delivering the same performance, grind life and durability as Wilson Tool HP punch press.


Switch to universal punches

EXP punch technology makes it practical and cost effective to only replace the punch not the entire punch assembly.

  • Designed to fit all styles of A & B station thick turret assemblies
  • Switch to a universal punch by replacing your current punch with an EXP punch holder
  • Available in a wide range of configurations including rounds, shapes and specials


Set up four times faster

Switching between punches with the EXP punch is up to four times faster than changing traditional punch press tooling.

  • Load EXP punches by pushing universal punch into punch holder and turn key to lock it in place
  • Switch from one punch to the next in seconds to increase productivity and reduce downtime


Compatible with all major thick turret tooling styles

EXP punch technology is fully compatible with all current guide assemblies.

  • Compatible with all major thick-turret A & B station assemblies
  • Available for all major brands of thick turret tooling equipment
  • Eliminate the need to buy punches from multiple manufactures


Ultima tool steel for longer tool life

Every EXP punch is manufactured with Wilson Tool exclusive ‘Ultima’ premium tool steel to increase wear resistance.

  • Experience less chipping, cracking and tool fatigue to reduce downtime and minimise tool replacement cost
  • EXP punches have twice the tool life compared to most standard punches


Wilson Tool universal EXP punch technology from Sheetmetal Tooling Tech offers you the flexibility to stock more rounds and shapes using less storage space because its designed to fit all thick turret assemblies.


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