Ultrasonic gas flow measuring devices from SICK

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With various
ultrasonic gas flow measuring devices SICK offers solutions for a large variety
of measurement tasks and industries. These devices have one thing in common,
however: state-of-the-art ultrasound technology from SICK. The devices are
designed for custody transfer applications in the gas industry, the
determination of volume flow in processes, the monitoring of emissions in
industrial facilities, flow measurement in tunnels, and much more.

Volume flow measuring devices

volume flow measurement from SICK is setting standards

The FLOWSIC100 is used for continuous volume flow
measurement in industrial systems. It is approved under established European
standards and complies with EPA standards. The measuring device only rarely
requires maintenance thanks to a drift-free measurement principle and
high-quality components. It is also ideal for humid, aggressive gases, high
temperatures, and high levels of dust.

The FLOWSIC150 Carflow is unique in the automotive
industry for high-temperature exhaust gas measurement.

Mass flow measuring devices

Gas mass
flow measurement from SICK reliable under all conditions

Mass flow measuring devices from SICK are used for flow
measurement of gas in the natural gas and petrochemical industries. The devices
are specifically designed to the challenging requirements of these industries
and provide reliable measurement of various gases. These devices are approved
for use in explosion-proof areas and use integrated algorithms to calculate
mass flow in a system.

Flow velocity measuring devices

Air flow
measurement from SICK safe and reliable

Flow velocity measuring devices from SICK are used to
measure air flow in traffic tunnels and mining applications.

Gas flow meters

gas flow meters from SICK quality that pays for itself

Every day, large quantities of natural gas flow from
production facilities to municipal utilities and industrial consumers via large
pipelines. Ownership of the gas often changes hands and must be precisely
measured for billing purposes. SICK’s product range comprises custody and
non-custody ultrasonic gas flow meters for the oil and gas industry. SICK
provides the right solution for various applications, from gas delivery to gas
distribution. All devices feature high measurement accuracy and reliability.

Flow computer

computers for ultrasonic gas flow measuring devices from SICK

Newer-generation flow computers combine functionality with
user-friendliness. They are the preferred device for use in custody transfer
gas measurement, are approved according to the EU’s Measurement Instruments
Directive, and comply with the relevant international standards. The easy
integration of temperature, pressure, and flow measurement values via digital
and serial interfaces is used to convert recorded volumes. The flow computers
use industry-standard conversion algorithms.

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