Treotham Energy Chains for the Protection of Moving Cables and Hoses

Suitable for universal applications, Energy Chains from Treotham secure and protect the supply of energy and data to mobile consumer equipment.


Suitable for universal applications, Energy Chains secure
the supply of energy and data to mobile consumer equipment. Energy Chains from
Treotham guide and protect moving cables and hoses on automated equipment.

With suitability for
all types of environment and climatic zones, Energy Chains accommodate high
dynamic load and stringent service life requirements

  • Space saving installation
  • High level of acceleration can be achieved
  • Simple assembly onsite and rapid retrofitting of
    cables possible
  • Suitable for various types of motion and travel
  • Guidance of sensitive bus and data cables, as
    well as FOC, using the same technique as with electric, gas, air and liquid
    hose guidance

extensive range of energy chains at Treotham includes:

  • E2 micro and mini energy chains are
    small and light weight for low duty applications
  • Easy chain, zipper and snap
    for easy to install applications
  • E2/000 for medium duty applications
  • E2 E-tubes are fully enclosed for use
    in areas with dirt, dust and hot chips
  • E4.1 light and heavy duty applications
  • E4 light is a large energy chain with
    reduced cost
  • Twisterchain for circular movements
  • Guide troughs for long travels
  • Triflex R (3D energy chain) for
    robotic applications
  • E-spool, liftband and energy chains
    zig-zag configuration for vertical applications

EasyChains are available in two versions and offer shortened
installation times. The cable of the E Version is simply laid from the outside
and in the Z Version, the cable is laid from the inside. With excellent
cleanroom qualities and optimal elasticity of UL94-V2, the one-piece design of
EasyChains makes them a very cost-effective product.

Manufactured with the
rugged elastic material igumid NB, the EasyChains are ideal for numerous

  • General machinery
  • Cleanroom applications
  • Electronic apparatus
  • Office equipment
  • Vending machines
  • Packaging machines

The Twisterchain new has a modular construction for width,
height and radius, providing flexible use in applications where high levels of
rotation are required. For higher loads and smoother running, the range is
sturdier through the use of intermediate links.

The Twisterchain
product range from Treotham offers a vast selection of circular movement

  • Rotary speeds up to 2m/s and beyond
  • Guidance and reduce abrasion of the e-chain
  • Cable-friendly and smooth interior
  • Optimum low-noise operation
  • Rotation angle up to 540鈦
  • Ideal for use in industries and applications
    such as robots, handling machines, packaging machines, glass machines and
    general mechanical engineering

The E4.1 Energy Chain System is the superior igus e-chain
in the product range, featuring more stability with the same or smaller
dimensions than the models preceding it. With the igus E4.1 system, the
service life of the application it is used in can be increased, offering cost

Recommended for new
constructions, the E4.1 features optimum lateral stability and high push/pull
force on long travels due to the undercut design

  • Long travels, large unsupported lengths, simple
    installation and quiet operation
  • Combines all design features of the systems
    E4/00 and E4/4
  • Ideal for side mounted applications
  • Large unsupported lengths due to stable, double
    stop dog
  • Noise dampening pads as additional noise
    reducing option
  • Outer and inner links for fast assembly

Typical industries
and application of the E4.1 system include:

  • Indoor and outdoor cranes
  • Composting and sewage plants
  • Machine tools and general mechanical engineering
  • Materials handling technology and construction
  • Refrigeration engineering
  • Wood working
  • Robotics and handling systems

E2 Mini are small one-piece or two-piece e-chains that are
ideal for use in high dynamic applications with a wide range of accessories and
mounting options available.

Upgrades to openable
models are available for many types and are interchangeable, ideal for use in a
wide range of industries and applications

  • Construction machinery
  • Handlings
  • Furniture
  • Packaging machines and textile machines
  • Vehicle construction
  • Woodworking machines
  • Glass machines
  • Automation and general machinery

Treotham Automation is a leading supplier of high quality
components and products to industrial markets, with a broad capacity to provide
systems and solutions for numerous industries.

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