Transportation and Logistics Mobile Solutions from Gamma Solutions

Optimised Transportation and Logistics efficiency for better resource management, control and customer satisfaction.


Tracking goods from initial pick up at origin to the time they are delivered to the destination is essential, providing up to date information to support cost control , increase productivity and provide accurate tracking information – all of which improves customer satisfaction.

In today’s environment customers not only expect their goods to arrive on time and undamaged, they also need to be able to track their items whilst in transit and obtain a proof of delivery without delay. Gamma Solutions provide a wide range of rugged mobile handheld and vehicle mounted computers together with tablet PCs to make these requirements a reality.

Reliable, accurate and documented Transportation and Logistics

  • Automated pickup and delivery systems so drivers can scan tracking numbers for verification and collect signatures on the mobile handheld computers, allowing information can be time and date stamped, sent in real time with proof of delivery sent to the customer within seconds of the package being received
  • Combining the information received from the time and date stamp as well as the GPS routes taken by the driver, businesses can optimise the delivery routes between stops, dispatchers can locate drivers within a specific area for urgent pickups, and loads and shipments

Alleviating cross docks demands with improved flow and efficiency

  • Mobile computers having the ability to tell drivers exactly where each parcel is destined, businesses can significantly reduce the number of shipment-handling errors
  • Each parcel scanned upon entry to the dock will ensure fewer mistakes through greater visibility of each shipment

Optimising operations with Mobile Computer technology

  • Ability to see which mobile computers are in use, which ones are available and where they are located, businesses can optimise the use of their assets by having all this information available in real time
  • Mobile computers attached to other equipment such as a forklift or truck, can also use the technology to maintain service and maintenance records for the individual vehicle
  • Freedom to change the vehicle mounted computer from one vehicle to another in a matter of seconds you will never have a mobile computing device sitting around idle again, saving both time and money

Products from Gamma Solutions can be used for the following applications:

  • Asset tracking and utilisation
  • Dispatch and route optimisation
  • Load management
  • In transit statu
  • Cross Dock supervision
  • Driver automation and productivity

Quality solutions and experience, Gamma Solutions offer experienced advice for these applications and more.

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