Track Wheels from Richmond Wheels and Castors

Single Flange and Double Flange track wheels can handle heavy loads and axle shafts are available for both models upon request

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    Cast Iron and Steel Track Wheels
    Richmond Wheel & Castors manufacture a range of Single Flange Track Wheels, Double Flange Track Wheels, Beam Trolley Wheels, C Groove, V Groove and Rope Groove Wheels to suit weights from 65kg to 5,000kg. We also manufacture other sizes and shapes for quantity orders, and can create custom designs to your specifications.

    Single Flange Track Wheels (Capacity from750kg to 4000kg per wheel)

    • Single flange wheels are designed to run on railway lines and track
    • Can be used on other sections such as RHS
    • Made from cast iron and steel to suit your application with axle shafts available
    • Track wheels can be flame hardened to increase wear resistance
    • Also available as drive wheels

    Double Flange Track Wheels (Capacity from 1300kg to 5000kg per wheel)

      • Double flange wheels are often used where accurate tracking is needed
      • Manufactured with K1045 Steel
      • Double flange wheels can be matched with flat rim wheels to guide on one side of the track only
      • Axle shafts are available upon request
      • Can be flame hardened to increase wear resistance
      • Also available as drive wheels

      Beam Trolley Wheels

      • This range of beam trolley wheels has been designed to fit standard channel and beam sections
      • All beam trolley wheels in the range are CNC machined in house from the highest quality K1045 Steel
      • Strong and reliable track wheels

        C Groove, V Groove and Rope Wheels

        (Capacities: C Groove from 350kg to 420kg per wheel,V Groove from 65kg to 5000kg per wheel  and Rope Groove from 500kg to 1500kg per wheel)

        • For running track wheels on bars, pipes, angle iron.
        • CNC Machined from Cast Iron, K1045 Steel or SG Iron
        • Capacities can be increased with changes to bearing and shaft configurations
        • Custom Design to your specifications available

          For detailed specifications on each of these track wheels, please click on the link below.

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