Tork Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloths

Tork can provide the right products for all your wiping, cleaning and polishing tasks.


Heavy Duty Cleaning Cloths are strong and absorbent multipurpose cloths that
work with most solvents. They are made with exelCLEAN™ patented foam-spun
technology that gives you quicker, more hygienic and more professional cleaning
results. They are designed to protect your hands from heat and metal scraps and
make heavy duty cleaning a little easier.

Tork Heavy
Duty Cleaning Cloths Folded W4

  • One-at-a-time dispensing
    from Tork Folded W4 Dispenser reduces consumption
  • Folded format – ready for work

Tork Heavy
Duty Cleaning Cloths Folded Handy Box

  • Portable,
    take anywhere cardboard carton
  • Top opening
    for easy dispensing

Tork Heavy
Duty Cleaning Cloths Folded Small Pack

  • Portable,
    small pack comes with top opening for easy dispensing
  • Keeps
    cloths protected in a smaller, easily transportable pack

Tork Heavy
Duty Cleaning Cloths Combi Roll W1/W2/W3

  • Perforated
    into optimum size in a roll format that allows you to dispense more if you need
  • Get
    Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloths when and where you need them with a portable Tork
    Floor Stand W1 dispenser
  • Or choose
    between wall mounted options Tork Wall Stand W1 or Tork Maxi Centrefeed
    Dispenser W2
  • Or the portable dispenser carton W3 system,
    perfect for high use areas

Our Wiping and Cleaning brochure can help you find the
right product for your needs and match it to the most suitable dispenser.

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