ToolShop 2.0 CAD/CAM Toolpathing and Nesting Software from Advanced Robotic Technology

ToolShop is a Windows-based software package that gives users the ability to draw and import components using standard CAD tools

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Advanced Robotic Technology’s in-house developed and industry leading CAM package ToolShop has undergone a major re-engineering and now offers a whole suite of new features and can be integrated to meet your individual company needs.

Windows based software package that allows users to draw and import components using standard CAD tools

Using the many automatic features found in ART ToolShop, users can immediately apply machining tool paths and nest into material, ready for output to their CNC router or plasma cutter.

  • ToolShop 2.0 can now communicate with MRP software
  • ToolShop 2.0 can be fully integrated in existing processes and manages all necessary data such as CAD drawings, parts libraries or customer data
  • ToolShop’s nesting function automatically arranges the required number of individual parts to be created on sheets or plates of stock material
  • The software now features a full remote material library on the company network that allows the entry of sheet and plate stock levels, which are automatically subtracted when a nest is created on that sheet
  • The interactive software allows multiple users at the same time
  • The intelligent post processor is ideal for different machines, brands and processes including plasma cutters, routers or water jets

ToolShop 2.0 features at a glance:

  • Automated toolpath process
  • Nesting
  • Multi-pass toolpaths     
  • Fills
  • Diamond cut toolpaths
  • 3D-world environment
  • Material database  
  • Remnant management
  • Inbuilt CAD system
  • Label printing   
  • Tabs and bridges
  • Lead-ins and lead-outs
  • Layering 
  • Node editing 
  • Cut ordering
  • Automatic rail cutting

Automated nesting and cost and cut-time estimation
One of ToolShop’s core functions is the automated nesting function, which can help make operations faster and reduces costs. ToolShop also gives information about tool life and costs, so users have more control over their processes.

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