Tilt & Inertial Sensors from Applied Measurement Australia

Highly accurate Tilt and Inertial Sensors

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Applied Measurement have the widest Inertial and tilt sensing range available to suit just about every budget & application including Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial, Mining, Rail, Defence, Motorsport, Marine, OEM and just to name a few. Available in a wide range of outputs – single, duel and triaxial sensors available.

Tilt Sensors
From the extremely sensitive, Jewel rugged transducers deigned to provide horizontal angle or vertical deviation measurements with virtually infinite resolution. Every Jewel precision inclinometer responds to changes of slope as small as 0.1 second of arc, with a high-level DC output signal proportional to the sine of the angle of tilt from as little as 1 full range to 90 full range. To low cost Measurement Specialties’ single axis tilt sensors, inclinometers, and clinometers that use fluid filled capacitance, conductive or MEMS- technology for measuring ranges between 5 up to 180 in one axis. The sensor units are reliable, have a wide spectrum of modern technology with high accuracy and resolution at an affordable price.

Inertial Sensors
Applied Measurement Australia also offer a wide range of high end Inertial Measurement Systems like the Watson (DMS) that was designed for monitoring the drive and handling characteristics of vehicles. The DMS may be used in almost any application where triaxial angular rate and acceleration data is required. This inertial sensor provides both angular rate and acceleration outputs in analog and digital formats. The DMS features six
accelerometer outputs. The X, Y, and Z axis outputs represent the accelerations in the plane of the vehicle body, while the second set of three outputs measure the acceleration aligned with an earth-level coordinate system. This allows forward and lateral acceleration measurements that are essentially free of gravity influences. The triaxial sensor set allows software alignment of sensors, greatly reducing any alignment errors.

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