The Top Stainless Steel Flap Disc – Magnum Cool Top 5+


Magnum Cooltop 5+ Flap Disc Key Benefits:

  • Extremely long service life
  • High tech zirconium abrasive with RZ pure zirconium and cooling agents with special cooling layers
  • Semi-flexible backing made out of trimmable, food grade ABS plastic (No Glass fibre)
  • Suitable for universal use on stainless steel, steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals
  • Coarse and intermediate grinding on welds, finishing fillet welds, rust removal, deburring and cleaning cast parts
  • Longer, faster and more efficient grinding
  • The ultra-powerful zirconium flap disc with backing plate made from food-grade plastic
  • Proven abrasive formulation (RZ zirconium plus cooling agent) guarantees huge benefits compared to conventional flap discs: often up to 50% faster in removing material, many times the length of service life compared to conventional flap discs and cooler grinding due to additional cooling agents
  • Replaces not only fibre discs but also rough grinding discs in many companies
  • For universal use with steel, cast iron and stainless steel. For surface and edge grinding, coarse and intermediate grinding, processing fillet welds, removing rust, deburring and cleaning castings

The high degree of material removed and excellent service life make the MAGNUM® Cool Top® 5 not just a better performance option but also a better value-for-money solution compared to conventional flap and fibre discs. This truly is the flap disc to rival them all.

A common misconception! If you are currently using a 5 inch grinder you can still use 4½ inch flap discs, not only are these discs cheaper but extend the life of your angle grinder!

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