The Range of MSR Data Loggers from Interworld Electronics


MSR Data Loggers are customisable small compact devices that can be placed almost anywhere. All saved data can be rapidly transferred to a PC or laptop via a USB interface. A user-friendly data acquisition and analysis software package is supplied free along with the data loggers.

MSR data loggers deliver a vast range of measurements using the latest in sensor technology

  • Over 2,000,000 measurement parameters
  • Internal sensors for Temperature, Relative Humidity, Air Pressure, 3-axis Acceleration and Light measurements
  • Analogue inputs supporting a wide range of external sensors
  • Standard IP60 and Waterproof IP67 housings
  • Integrated LCD display
  • Optional microSD memory expansion
  • High capacity rechargeable battery

Interworld Electronics’ Range of MSR Data Loggers

  • MSR12 System – Customisable Datalogger     
  • MSR145 Datalogger – Mini-Datalogger     
  • MSR160 Datalogger – Mini Datalogger with 4 analogue inputs and microSD card     
  • MSR165 Datalogger – 3-axis Shock Datalogger for Long-Term Measurements     
  • MSR255 Datalogger – Robust Datalogger with LCD Screen

The MSR Data Loggers are highly suited to a wide range of data collection and monitoring tasks in industrial, commercial and research areas. This includes the traffic and transport sector, warehouse monitoring, pharmaceuticals industry, environmental technologies, aviation, research and development, engineering, medical technology, chemicals industry, textile industry, museums, building services, power industry, food and laboratory technology.

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