The original handheld linear grinder/sander/polisher – POLY PTX 800


From the inventor of the original handheld linear grinder, we have constantly innovated with our manufacturer Eisenblätter to stay ahead of our competition.

The POLY-PTX® 800 is a multi-functional grinder/polisher metalworking hand tool for high quality decorative finishes to use on FLAT sheets and open or closed PIPE constructions (i.e. handrails, balustrades etc).

It is the original POLY-PTX® linear grinding machine from the inventor of handheld linear polishers.

  • Great value for money – most economical way to achieve a perfect finish!


  • Variable speed from 1000-3,800rpm, with easy adjustment during operation
  • Ideal for surface grinding, sanding, polishing, brush finish, up to
    mirror polish etc.
  • Removes welds, deep scratches, rust, dirt, paint and oxide layers
  • Able to be used on non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper, bronze,
    aluminium as well as wood
  • Applicable to closed and open pipe and tube constructions
  • Grinds from coarse to very fine finishes
  • The largest range of abrasives to cover almost every job
  • Eco-smart adaptor available to fit up to 150mm wide wheels
  • Also perfect for industrial and hair line finish.

Why Choose This Product:

The POLY-PTX® 800 is the strongest handheld linear grinder/polisher on the market. It is made in Germany (ISO9001:2015) which ensures a quality product and offers great value for money. It is extremely versatile, allowing the user to achieve a perfect finish on flat or pipe sections (enclosed and closed). This is the last linear grinding tool you will ever need.

We offer patented solutions for metal finishing since 1987 – professional, quality tools and abrasives for stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel and non-ferrous metals, surface grinding, sanding, finishing and polishing to brilliant mirror finish.


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