Testo 400

Testo’s new 400 IAQ instrument for measuring and data logging tasks needed in ongoing testing of indoor environments.

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Testing the various IAQ factors affecting internal environments effectively requires instruments equipped to perform multiple measurements simultaneously. Testo’s 400 solution meets these universal requirements.

The impact of IAQ on health and wellbeing

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) connects negative IAQ factors to health and wellbeing issues. Poorly monitored and maintained environments can have short term effects which include:

  • Irritation of the eyes, nose and throat.
  • Headaches and dizziness.
  • Fatigue and nausea.
  • Sensitivity and physical reactions to pollutants differ between individuals, but are most commonly caused by IAQ factors such as:
    • Ambient gases.
    • Humidity.
    • Air pressure and flow.
    • Biological elements like pollen.
    • Chemical irritants.

    The EPA also says the long term effects of failing to deal with dangerous IAQ parameters can have more serious health consequences, such as causing respiratory diseases or lowered blood oxygen levels. Due to the number of relevant parameters affecting health and wellbeing, accurate testing requires a definitively universal instrument.

  • The testo 400 – measuring all IAQ parameters, anywhereTesto’s new 400 IAQ instrument provides industry technicians with a one-stop-shop for all measuring and data logging tasks needed in ongoing testing of indoor environments. The testo 400 solution is able to test all relevant IAQ data thanks to sophisticated probe and sensor attachments. These items include:
    • Two cable probes;
    • four Bluetooth probes; and
    • two type K thermocouple probes.

    This means you can test for all the IAQ factors needed – and you don’t even need the ancillary solutions physically connected to the main instrument thanks to Bluetooth ability. This ability to monitor parameters at multiple sites is furthered with a standalone IAQ data logger box.
    Equipped with two thermocouple probes and four universal cables probes, the data logger runs on mains power and can measure multiple indoor parameters completely separately from Testo’s 400 solution. Simply set up the data log box through the testo 400, and gain another sophisticated measurement instrument for IAQ testing. This can save technicians significant time and effort into the future.

  • esto’s 400 instrument and smart measurementSmart, intuitive, flexible – these three words sum up the testo 400’s measurement programs and data management ability.
    Smart touch display allows users to go through all the data and produce full reports onsite without the need for a computer or smart device. Users can also attach photos, make comments and even add company logos to all data reports. Finally, the testo 400 instrument allows users to create Wi-Fi hotspots to email reports to a computer for printing. This can also be done through Bluetooth to an enabled printer.
    For information on purchasing the testo 400, or to discover more of what makes this solution so unique, get in touch with the sales team today.
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