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The testo 300 instrument marks a new step in the functionality of the 300 series of flue gas analyser.

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Expert flue gas analysis is a key role within the Indoor Air Quality management sphere, ensuring heating systems aren’t producing dangerous levels of gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. Measurement solutions have changed over the years – but never more decisively than now, with the introduction of Testo’s 300 gas analyser.

From manual to digital measurement: Natural evolution

The gradual move over the last decade to an interconnected online environment has affected instruments across all industries and applications. In flue gas analysis, digital solutions modelled after analogue and manual data measurement methods have presented many technicians with a straightforward switch.

Digital solutions have enabled experts to:

  • Record data seamlessly;
  • Process datasets quickly;
  • Collate information online.

These capabilities are useful but don’t maximise the potential for digital instruments. This is because new flue gas analysis solutions modelled after manual processes don’t take into account the user experience. Other digital technologies such as smart phones and tablet devices have embraced one-stop functionality and intuitive use – so why can’t gas analysis solutions follow this path too?

The testo 300 measurement solution: Revolutionising digital

That’s where Testo has taken a step ahead of the market with its newest innovation. The 300 flue gas analyser is vital to reshaping the way technicians and engineers work, offering robust design, unparalleled functionality and data collation ability.

The hardware construction of Testo’s 300 solution builds into this change. The instrument is equipped with a Smart-Touch, HD display, allowing users to instantly read operational data. It’s no coincidence that the screen replicates the design of a smart phone – ease-of-use and an intuitive user experience were key features when this equipment was developed. Security was further enforced with a scratch-proof display and exchangeable protective film. The Testo’s housing unit is also shock-resistant for tough manual gas testing work and anything else life may throw at it.

Improved functionality comes from a simplified and flexible menu system. Technicians can present all recorded data on gas parameters and other crucial information in various forms, including in charts and tables. This makes it easier than ever to draw insight from raw data in a customised configuration.

Testo’s 300 flue gas analyser also takes a new step forward in connecting the software to other smart devices to make life easier for technicians. After measuring key heating system parameters, smart reporting compiles all essential information into a streamlined report for technician and end-client use alike. From here, these reports can be shared and downloaded to other devices via Wi-Fi. Instant access to all operational data anytime, anywhere offers expert users endless possibilities when servicing and maintaining heating systems.

Testo’s gas analysis solutions

The testo 300 instrument marks a new step in the functionality of the 300 series of flue gas analyser. Optimised for a range of applications and heating systems, Testo Australia has something to offer every customer looking to join us on the leading edge of the industry. For more information on Testo’s 300 gas measurement instrument, contact the product sales team today.

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