Tension Control and Measuring Devices with Superior Accuracy by CGB Precision Products

Tension control and web control products include of brake components, clutches, air bearing cylinders, force measuring systems and more.


CGB Precision Products offer a range of highly respected industry brands with products designed to measure and control tension in a wide range of applications. The impressive range includes; Merobel Tension Controls, Magnetic Technologies, Force Measuring Systems and Airpot Corporation.

Variable tension control for effective device measurement
Electro magnetic Powder (EMP) brakes and clutches from Merobel Tension Contols can provide variable tension control responsive to a range of measuring devices including:

  • Dancer arm
  • Ultrasonic and load measuring bearings

Using Merobel’s DGT300 digital tension controller AC and DC motors and servomotors can be used to control product tension accurately and automatically. EMP brakes and clutches offer:

  • Torque proportional to the current supplied
  • Torque is independent of slip speed
  • Torque repeatability
  • Torque control

Effectively deliver tension as low as 0.14Nm and up to 15Nm
Magnetic Technologies range of Magnetic Brakes and Clutch Bearings deliver excellent tension performance.

  • No electricity
  • No break away torque
  • No contacting or wearing parts
  • Constant torque independent of shaft speed

Excellent application versatility and machine integration
Force Measuring systems pride themselves on industry leading technology within the measuring and control system field. Their products are designed to deliver ease of integration with materials, process, machines and systems and are ideal of application in the paper, converting and wire manufacturing industries.
Force Measuring System products include:

  • Force Sensors
  • Instrumentation amplifiers
  • Tension controllers
  • Web guiding sensors (ultrasonic and optical)
  • Steering frames
  • Web guiding controllers
  • Actuators

Sealless construction delivers excellent long term durability and performance

Airpot Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of ultra low friction, super responsive pneumatic piston and cylinder motion dampers. Airpot’s pistons and cylinders are constructed to deliver long term durability and performance with a sealless construction and smooth operation at high temperature levels. Applications include:

  • Web/wire/filament tension controls
  • Test and measurement instruments
  • Automated medical analysers
  • Dispensing and vending machines
  • High capacity mail
  • Cash handling equipment

The impressive range of Tension Control and Measuring Devices from CGB Precision Products has been designed to deliver superior performance and accuracy. These trusted brands provide the ideal solution to your tension control and measurement requirements.

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