Tennant Sweepers with Excellent Debris Pick Up and Dust Control

Industrial sweepers are first class cleaning performers, capable of cleaning any number of different surfaces, inside and outside.


Tennant dust control sweepers deliver superior, long lasting results even in the harshest environments with continuous up time and powerful sweeping performance.

Control dust particles
Tennant sweepers control dust particles down to 3 microns. Tennant’s latest innovation, SweepMax™ filters dust particles down to 0.5 microns.

  • Side brush sweeps debris into the path of the main broom
  • Skirt system creates a seal to maximise dust collection
  • Main broom contacts floor surface and flicks dust and debris into the hopper
  • Perma-Filter™ shifts airflow and forces the majority of dust, debris and moisture into hopper
  • Cyclonic filter system channels airflow to further remove dust and moisture from the air, redirecting it into the hopper
  • Nanofibre canister filter traps sub micron dust particles resulting in clean air exhaust
  • The ErgoSpace™ operator compartment increases operator comfort, visibility and safety

These industrial sweeper scrubbers are easy to use and are built to last. Extremely flexible, these are designed to clean a variety of surfaces indoors and out, without compromising performance.

Tennant’s indoor and outdoor sweepers offers unparalleled safety with reduced noise levels, better sightlines and easy operation as well as significantly improved air quality.

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