Tennant Scrubber-dryers


The industrial-grade, heavy-duty 5700 sets the standard for walk-behind scrubbers, providing consistent, quality cleaning results even in the harshest environments.
Rugged, industrial-strength durability
Aluminium squeegee assembly and scrub heads, shock-absorbing frame, and durable polyethylene construction enable the 5700 to withstand the most severe cleaning challenges.
Superior performance from aggressive scrubbing systems
Up to 136kg of down pressure, optional cylindrical scrub-heads and heavy-duty motor options provide the scrubbing strength to meet the highest cleaning standards.
Increase floor safety and use 70% Less Water
FaST is the best way to meet the highest cleaning standards using 70% less water. FaST foam cleans so well it captures existing soil, removes old slippery detergent residues. FaST is certified to reduce slip and fall and increase floor traction by 21%. Floors cleaned with FaST are immediately dry and safe to walk on.
Improve operator productivity
Less water means less dump and fills are needed to clean your area meaning you can save time and money on labour. Operator productivity is also maximized with smart ergonomic features like a height adjustable console that puts controls within easy reach.
Tennant Scrubber-dryers with FaST Awards:

1. 2005 Smart Approved Watermark

2. 2004 FEN Progress Award for Occupational Health and Safety

3. National Floor safety Institute of America certifies FaST to reduce slip and fall accidents and increase floor traction by 21%

Best of all, we back all of our products with a highly capable technical support staff 攄edicated to finding the answers you need fast. Find out how our applications experience and technological leadership can work for you. For more information including specifications download a product brochure or contact us and we will post you one.
Other Tennant Scrubber-dryers include:
5100 Scrubber-dryer (walk behind)
T3 Scrubber-dryer (walk behind) featuring hygienic tanks, low sound level and ergonomic handles
5400 Scrubber-dryer (walk behind)
5520 Scrubber-dryer (walk behind)
5680/5700 Scrubber-dryer (walk behind) featuring hygienic tanks and low sound level
T7 Scrubber-dryer (ride-on)
7100/7200 Scrubber-dryer (ride-on)
7300 Scrubber-dryer (ride-on)
7400 Scrubber-dryer (ride-on)
550/1550 Scrubber-dryer (Large ride-on)
Sweeper-Scrubbers include: 8210, 8300 and 8410.

Also available from Tennant: Sweeper-Scrubbers, Sweepers, Vacuums, Floor machines, Burnishers and Carpet Extractors. Tennant has a National Parts, Sales and Service network and all Tennant products come with a warranty and include operator training.

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