Tennant Outdoor and City Cleaning Machines

Tennant’s outdoor cleaning machines include litter vacuums and street sweepers


Tennant’s range of Outdoor and City Cleaning Green Machines™ are used throughout the world for cleaning outdoor and municipal areas such as Outdoor shopping malls, Pedestrian streets, Footpaths, Pavements, Roads and other high litter areas that larger more traditional street sweepers can’t reach.

Create beautiful outdoor spaces

  • High-performance litter vacuums, sweepers and street sweepers deliver dependable, long-lasting performance
  • Minimise running costs
  • Maximise cleaning efficiency
  • Clean any footpath, parking lot, road, downtown areas and any other congested outdoor areas that you may have to clean

Tennant Innovation
CloudMaker™ dust control system reduces  negative environmental impact by using 70% less water than other dust control systems. This dust control innovation helps reduce cost by eliminating the need for complicated water recycling systems which require maintenance and cleaning of filters, tanks and nozzles.

The 500ze Green Machines™ Air Sweeper is a world first, using innovative Lithium-ion technology to sweep a hard working 8 hour non-stop shift without the need to recharge. This significant step for carbon emission reduction means totally clean air operation – perfect for enclosed or crowded pedestrian areas.

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