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1610 with ReadySpace Technology Leaves carpets clean and dry in less than 30 minutes!

The 1610 with ReadySpace is a dual technology machine offering ReadySpace and Restorative Extraction.

Mode 1: Patented ReadySpace Technology
ReadySpace technology removes soil before it becomes deeply embedded, leaving carpets cleaner over time and making extraction easier.

A) Unique soil-transfer rollers are the basis for ReadySpace . When damp, these fabric rollers grab dirt from carpet fibers and lift it into the machine.

B) Inside, sprayers rinse soil from the rollers, not the carpet.

C) Two powerful individual vacuum shoes extract the dirty water into the recovery tank. Because the carpet itself is never saturated, ReadySpace technology drastically reduces dry time. In addition, less water usage virtually eliminates wick-back and minimizes odours and moulds in the carpet.

Mode 2: Restorative Extraction Cleaning
Tennant pioneered commercial extraction technology. Now with the 1610,Tennant has engineered the most effective deep extractor in the industry. The 1610 unsurpassed performance stems from two important innovations: Dual Counter-Rotating Brushes and Superior Vacuum Lift.

Dual Counter-Rotating Brushes mean double agitation and counter-rotation separate more soil from both the front and back of carpet fibers, all in one machine pass. Superior Vacuum Lift means more power therefore more dirt and debris is extracted out of the carpet and disposed in the recovery tank.

Outstanding Cleaning Performance, Beautiful Results
Together, frequent ReadySpace cleanings and periodic restorative extraction tackle the challenges of ongoing carpet maintenance. The results are beautifully clean carpets that last longer.

Testimonial from industry professional
淢y rather reserved expectations not only were met, they were far exceeded. ReadySpace combines effective results with rapid drying. It is the fastest, most efficient maintenance cleaning process to hit the market in years. It a guarantee for success.


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Carpet range available from Tennant
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