Technologically Advanced Carpet Cleaners from Tennant

The technology behind Tennant’s ReadySpace carpet cleaners mean that less water is used and carpet drying times are greatly reduced.


The patented ReadySpace® technology from Tennant creates clean carpet spaces that are dry and ready to use in less than 30 minutes. This innovative and advanced technology are featured on Tennant models 1610 walk behind carpet cleaners and the R3 compact carpet cleaners.

Clean and dry carpets in less than 30 minutes

  • Minimise disruption by reopening rooms and carpeted areas sooner
  • Increase productivity by ensuring carpeted areas return maximum value by being clean and ready to use
  • Improve image in high traffic areas with more frequent cleaning
  • Increase hygiene by eliminating wick back as well as minimising mould and odours in the carpet
  • Increase safety by reducing the risk of slip and fall when moving from damp carpet to hard floors
One machine that features maximum cleaning power and flexibility
  • Unique soil transfer fabric rollers  grab dirt from carpet fibres and lift it into the machine
  • Built in sprayers rinse soil from the rollers and not the carpet
  • Fitted with two powerful individual vacuum shoes that extract the dirty water into the recovery tank

Because the carpet itself is never saturated, ReadySpace® technology drastically reduces dry time. In addition, less water usage virtually eliminates wick back and minimises odours and mould in the carpet.

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