Technical Teaching and Training Equipment for Engineering from Bestech Australia

A complete package of trainers and simulators along with computer based courseware

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A wide variety of technical training
and educational teaching equipment for Engineering, Telecommunications,
Physics, Electronics, HVAC and Petroleum. Bestech Australia teaching equipment
product line covers Electrical & Electronics, Avionics, Civil, Mechanical,
Structural and Chemical Engineering as well as disciplines on Thermodynamics,
Aerodynamics, Automotive (engine performance), Motor Controls, PLC, Refrigeration
& Air Conditioning (HVAC), Combustion, Propulsion, Fluid Mechanics,
Heat Transfer, Boiler Systems, Renewable (alternative) Energy, Hydraulic
& Pneumatic systems, Power Plant Transformers, Instrumentation and Process
Control, etc. Bestech Australia offering world class equipment from UK and US
to Australian and New Zealand universities, TAFE, vocational institutions
as well as in industrial training programs to enable use of technologies and
blended learning to achieve the ultimate aim of teaching and learning.

These include but are not
limited to:

  • Basic Electricity, Basic
    Electronics, Consumer & Industrial Electronics, Fundamental &
    Advanced Electronics
  • Automotive, Engine
    Performance & Repair, Brakes, Suspension & Steering, Hybrid Technology,
    Fuel Cells
  • Alternative & Green
    Energy (Solar, Nuclear, Water, Wind ︹)
  • Motors Controls
  • Electrical Power
    (including transformers)
  • PLC, Computer Aided
  • Digital Simulators
  • Telecommunication
  • Microcomputers
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics
  • Fluidics, Fluid Power,
    Fluid Mechanics
  • Robotics
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Automatic Control
  • Basic Refrigeration
  • HVAC
  • Gas & Oil Technology,
    Petroleum Engineering
  • Heat Transfer, Exchange,
  • Hydronics, Civil and
    Structural Engineering
  • Supervisory Control
  • Material Testing,
    Strength of Materials
  • Safety Training
  • Biotechnology,
  • Many Others

The complete package of technical
training equipment and simulators along with computer based courseware
(e-learning) or textbook,
presentations, CD & DVDs as well as installation and product training
service are all available from Bestech Australia. Those technical training
models are now globally recognized amongst:

  • Military training
  • Public & private
  • Engineering teaching and
    learning in universities, colleges, TAFE, vocational & industrial training

This creates the frontier smart classroom and quintessential
learning environment to help students gain maximum comprehension of
electronic, mechanic, hydraulic, dynamic system operations.
Affordable trainers and simulators provide teachers an effective teaching
strategy and is a proven tool to help students achieve learning goals and
apply knowledge into practice. 

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