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SearchCam 2000 Features
The SEARCHCAM 2000 is a highly mobile, single operator system for victim location and assessment.

  • Audio and video components have been integrated to operate on a continuous basis in the demanding conditions of a disaster setting
  • The system consists of a miniature, high resolution, colour, video camera; variable intensity illumination; a sensitive microphone and speaker housed in the remotely controlled articulating camera head
  • The head is affixed to the end of a telescoping probe, that can be inserted through a 4.4cm diameter opening
  • The variable intensity illumination allows the operator to view high quality images as close as a few inches to a distance of over 6m in total darkness
  • The integrated two-way communication system allows the operator to perform acoustical searches as well as communicating directly with victims
  • The probe is constructed from high strength aluminium and has a hard anodized finish to protect against corrosion and abrasion
  • The integrated design allows the rescuer to easily carry the 3.2kg unit in one hand, navigating uninhibited through rubble
  • The sealed, lead acid battery pack weighs 2.7kg, clips to the operator’s belt and will provide in excess of three continuous hours of operation

Cable Probe Features
The Searchcam CableProbe has been created to give the rescue team the ability to visualise and communicate with victims up to 76 meters below the surface, without having to enter hazardous areas. 

  • The Searchcam CableProbe shares all the features of the Searchcam 2000 Victim Location System, except that the camera head is attached to a flexible cable rather than the rigid telescoping probe
  • This gives the ability to lower the articulated camera head into a shaft, to locate the victim
  • The CableProbe is designed to operate both during extension and retraction of the cable. This feature allows the cable length to be adjusted as needed without shutting down the system.
  • The Searchcam CableProbe camera head can be carried into a confined space with the rescue entry team. This provides two-way communication and the ability to visually monitor the rescue from outside

Super Probe Features
The SuperProbe provides rescuers with a search tool that can reach hidden void spaces to a depth of just over 6 mtrs. 

  • The SuperProbe shares all the functions of the standard Searchcam 2000, including on-screen status graphics, 180 degree servo controlled articulation with automatic centering, and graphic camera position feedback
  • The longer length of the SuperProbe is extremely useful in large, collapsed areas, and enables floor-by-floor searches of multi story structures
  • The fully extended probe functions well in either horizontal or vertical applications
  • The Searchcam SuperProbe is designed for extended building collapse search operations; however it is also an effective tool for confined space rescue operations too
  • The extra length allows the probe to be inserted into tanks, vaults and underground spaces to visualize and communicate with the victim without having to enter the space

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