Tailored ETS-Lindgren EMC Products from Faraday

Available from Faraday, the ETS-Lindgren EMC range includes absorbers, antennas, chambers, RF filters and shields, positioners and Helmholz coils

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Faraday’s ETS-Lindgren products provide customers with tailored solutions with the ability to detect, measure, shield, and control various forms of energy including electromagnetic, magnetic and acoustics.

High quality EMC Solutions

  • Absorbers (EMC, Microwave and RF Absorbers)
  • Antennas (Defence, Automotive, EMC, RF Microwave and Wireless Antennas)
  • Cameras (CCTV)
  • Chambers (Acoustic, EMC Chambers, Microwave Chambers)
  • RF Filters (Powerline Filters, Telephone, Communication, Control and Signal Filters)
  • RF Shielding (RF Shielded enclosures, doors and accessories)
  • Helmholtz Coils (Monoaxial) and LISN’s
  • Medical Shielding (Doors, Windows, RF Filters)
  • Magnetic Active Compensation
  • Positioners (Controllers, Multi and Single Axis Positioners)
  • Probes and Monitors
  • RF Test Sets
  • Software – TILE
  • TEM Devices (Field Generators)
  • Test Cells
  • Test Systems

Specialising in electromagnetic shielding and design, Faraday distributes ETS-Lindgren’s range of EMC products ideal for a range of industrial applications.

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