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We use cutting-edge technology in our components when implementing our
system solutions for factory, logistics, and process automation. Our range of
services covers everything from ideas and consulting to implementation and
after-sales service on site.

The high quality of our components and the dedication and expertise of our
employees validate the core concept behind SICK: outstanding solutions for
demanding tasks.

Customized analyzer systems

Systematic extractive
gas analysis

Extractive analyzer systems based on high-quality standard modules and
components. Thanks to the configurable design, the analyzer systems can be
provided with the optimum specifications to meet the requirements of particular
customers. If desired, retrofitting can be carried out easily and
cost-effectively by installing analyzers and gas conditioning components.
Long-term system support is assured.

Driver assistance systems

Systematic collision

Driving industrial vehicles safely and precisely demands a great deal from
the driver. Driver assistance systems and collision awareness systems from SICK
support drivers in critical situations. The system immediately detects the risk
if the vehicle comes close to personnel, infrastructure or other vehicles.
Driver assistance systems also help drivers to carry out difficult and
monotonous tasks effectively and efficiently.

Object Detection Systems

Inside or outside:
Effective solutions for an incredibly wide range of applications

Object detection systems detect objects irrespective of size or position,
both indoors or outdoors. They are used in intralogistics to increase
throughput of conveyor systems. The systems also prevent collisions in outdoor
areas and ensure and increase equipment availability in steel mills, ports and
other areas. Regardless of the application, system reliability means smooth
process flow.

Profiling systems

Improving safety on
roads and railroads

SICK profiling systems measure, detect, classify, count, and check vehicles
in 3D. They determine the number of axles on heavy goods trucks for vehicle
classification and measure vehicle dimensions to rectify loading errors. The
systems recognize overheated vehicles approaching tunnels and other entrances
and activate diversions. They also monitor external train contours. If a limit
value is exceeded, the system triggers an alarm. All this contributes to safety
on roads and railroads.

Quality control systems

Mediocrity is not an
option: Permanently guaranteed product quality

Automated quality control is becoming more and more important. Quality
control systems from SICK fulfill all reliability and process stability
requirements in the field of industrial production, whether they are used to
measure geometric dimensions, for surface inspections, or for completeness checks.
They guarantee improved production process planning, higher throughput rates,
and reproducible product quality. Each system combines sensors and software to
form a reliable complete solution.

Security systems

Close gaps before they
appear: protect assets, areas and surfaces

Electronic protective devices are recommended for the protection of public
buildings, industrial complexes and private homes. They augment physical
protection measures such as security guards or structural alterations for
enhanced security. The sensors protect against vandalism, theft, intrusion and
unauthorized entry and exit. They enable staggered protection from outside to
inside for early intrusion notification, giving security staff more time to
act. SICK security systems provide a variety of effective options for the
protection of goods.

Robot guidance systems

Enhanced efficiency
through precise localization

Robot guidance using 3D vision systems designed for object localization is
making a vital contribution to the optimization of industrial manufacturing
processes. Robot guidance systems from SICK give users an easy, economical way
to benefit from this sophisticated technology. The systems stand out thanks to
their reliable, user-friendly design. They can be integrated without difficulty
in existing environments, deliver high-precision measurement results and
consequently play a key role in making part handling more versatile than ever

Track and trace systems

The key to your success
in process control

Track and trace systems from SICK identify 1D and 2D codes, read and write
to RFID tags, and provide high-resolution images for downstream processes
(video coding, OCR, etc.). Furthermore, these systems provide volume and weight
measurements. The systems can be certified if necessary. Object contours are
verified. Any combination of the functions listed above can be realized with
SICK’s track and trace systems.

Functional safety systems

Reliable automation
solutions with you in mind

provides everything you could possibly need to protect machines and plants,
from components and services right through to a complete solution. Automation
solutions from SICK provide real added value developed by our experts, can be
adapted flexibly, quick and efficient to implement. We keep our customers”
productivity and safe machine operation in mind.

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