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• Simple operation only by putting cooked rice and Sushi vinegar into the bowl and pressing the button.

• Unique spherical bowl and stirring rods mixes rice and vinegar thoroughly and evenly to make ideal Sushi rice.

• Blower capacity increased 20% in comparison with ASM770, and cooling capacity was improved with powerful blower.

• Also suitable for Japanese-style mixed rice.


• Specialises in rice mat production, the most labour-intensive portion of the rice mat making operation.

• Lets you changes the size of the rice mats in a jiffy, enabling you to fulfil sudden demand without delay.

• Produces approx. 700 mats per hour


• The ultimate High-end Roll-sushi making machine

• Incredibly fast sushi-roll maker with the skill of a master sushi chef

• Disassembles easily and quickly; no small parts to lose or damage.

• Made with durable SUS304 stainless steel, it helps keep your machine sparkling clean.

Other Details
Being well-known for our expertise in the sushi business, we have been approached by many companies to help them with their sushi production set-up. This led us to set up JAS Automation (general machines business) and eventually decided to specialize in sushi machines with the set-up of ushi Machines Australia .

We travel Australia-wide to carry to machines installation/commissioning and world-wide to improve on the latest sushi know-how and technology.

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