Superior Decontamination with Safety Showers and Eye Wash Stations from Enware Australia

High performance Safety Showers and Eye Wash Stations for improved control of hazardous substances in contact with the body.

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Vital investment in protection of worker health from hazardous contaminates, Enware Australia deliver quality made emergency safety showers industrially certified for reliability.

Founded in critical research and development, after coming in contact with hazardous substances the first treatment should be to cleanse the contaminated part of the body immediately.

High performance and independently tested for ANSI Z358.1-2009 and AS4775-2007 compliance standard

  • Constructed from hard wearing stainless steel for durability
  • High quality stainless steel shower impellers with integrated drenching spray pattern
  • Enhanced “Vertex” technology on Eye and Eye/Face washes where centrally mounted outlets provide soft aerated streams
  • Cleverly designed independent face wash streams provide optimum coverage
  • Strategic independent eye wash streams for targeted flushing
  • Self draining outlet design for greater hygiene
  • Long lasting stainless steel components including open ball valve, hand and foot actuators
  • Customised designs to completely suit your requirements
  • Reliable finishes including stainless steel and powder coating available in green, yellow, orange or white
  • Added options including insulation, alarms, lights and thermal relief valves can also be fitted

Immediate control with Enware Emergency Showers
Comprehensive range includes:

  • Freestanding deluge showers
  • Freestanding combined deluge shower and eye & eye/face washes
  • Mobile and self contained
  • Portable hazchem decontamination shower  
  • Relocatable self-contained emergency shower with eye wash option for mining, defense and heavy industry applications

Effective plumbed eye washing equipment

  • Free standing hand or foot operated stand-alone operation
  • Wall mounted hand operated eye/face wash
  • Emergency combination showers with hand and foot activated eye/face wash.

Exceptional quality non-plumbed eye washing equipment:

  • Self contained eye washes which are gravity fed
  • Portable eye wash and body sprays

Efficient chemical cleansing with Tobin Eye Wash Systms for fast acting sterilisation

  • Controlled flow to the eye which allows the bottle to empty under natural pressure
  • Large volume for 3 minutes of continual flow over the eye
  • Sterile bottles with 3 year shelf life
  • Eye wash cabinet
  • Wall and transport stand

Intelligently designed and manufactured from Enware trusted development, a leading range of quality safety systems are available to control and protect your operations.

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