Sugargraze for Grazing, Winter Standover and Pit Silage from Pacific Seeds

Sugargraze promotes excellent weight gain and adequate energy for livestock.

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Sugargraze is a Sweet Sorghum Hybrid which is ideal for grazing, winter standover and pit silage. A major advantage that Sugargraze has over other forages is its very high sugar content which improves feed quality, increases palatability and results in significantly reduced feed wastage. Sugar levels in the plant increase as the plant matures making the digestibility improve. Mature Sugargraze promotes good weight gain and provides adequate energy for livestock.Sugargraze makes very good silage in less favourable areas Sugargraze grows well in traditionally less favourable areas for high grain crop yields and is ideal for pit silage Sugargraze has been tested at 35% sugar by the NSW Department of Agriculture Yields exceptionally high dry matter production Features an impressive range of disease resistances Has a wide chopping window for quality silageGrazing for young crops of Sugargraze can commence once the feed is 1.5m high. To ensure maximum regrowth of the crop, growers should retain at least 15cm of stubble when grazed or cut for silage.This hardy, versatile and palatable crop is ideal for grazing, winter standover and pit silage requirements.

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