Submersible level sensor for sewage and water level monitoring

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The MRL series level transmitter offers a high accuracy level measurement
(~0.1%) with outstanding media compatibility. Aside from water, it can also be
used for measuring in harsh media environment, such as hydrocarbon, acidic,
base and sewage. Sensors can be customised to provide reading in voltage, mA, mV
and digital output. Some typical applications of MRL series include:

water level/ pressure monitoring

Tank water
level in wastewater treatment plant


MRL21 General Use Submersible Level Sensor

MRL21 level transmitter is a rugged entry-level level
transmitter constructed with SS316L or Tantalum diaphragm. It is available in
pressure ranges from 0 mH2颅O to 200 mH2颅O. MRL21 series
is available either with integrated amplifier or with separate amplifier for
measurement in an area where space is limited. Other variant of this series,
MRL22 and MRL28, are also available with mV output and digital output, respectively.

MRL23 Submersible Level Sensor for corrosive environment

MRL23 is housed in a protective PVDF housing for measurement in
a harsh and corrosive environment such as that in sewage applications. This
design offer protection from reverse polarity and transient current, making it
ideal for long term application. The MRL23 series is available in pressure
ranges from 0 mH2颅O to 500 mH2颅O

MRL24 Submersible Level Sensor with integrated temperature sensor

The MRL24 series feature an integrated temperature sensor for
simultaneous measurement of level and temperature at any time. This rugged,
compact level transmitter is available in standard pressure measurement range
of 0 mH2颅O to 200 mH2颅O and temperature range from -20oC
to 100oC. It is ideal for measurement of any liquid compatible with
stainless steel.

MRL25 Submersible Level Sensor for low voltage

The MRL25 is designed to accommodate low voltage
application, supplied by 3 to 5VDC input. It is available in pressure ranges
from 0 mH2颅O to 50 mH2颅O. The MRL25 is also available as integrated
or separate amplifier for measurement in restricted space.

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